Our key success factors are not merely technical solutions, code or other digital parameters – they are Speed, Stability and Simplicity.

There are more than a thousand different digital currencies in circulation, but none of them have managed to penetrate the key areas of use they are expected to fill; daily transactions, banking for the unbanked, and micro transaction facilitation. There are varying reasons for this, including;


Slow transaction times

(bitcoin uses on average ten minutes to complete a transaction, making it useless for most merchants/retailers)

No recovery options

(Digital currency wallets lost/stolen are forever lost, and if the currency fails there is no funds behind it to claim)

Varying, volatile prices

(Highly volatile prices, security of funds low, making funds in digital currency difficult to assess, use or underwrite)

Expensive to enter or exit

(Buying digital currency is demanding and often come at a high transaction costs, often reaching 10+%)

No real value

(For extreme purposes, they can become worthless, hacked or banned overnight)

Anonymous owners

(No organisational structure, nobody to hold responsible if they crash, difficult /impossible knowing they aren’t scams)

Risk of being declared illegal

(This is a real dilemma – in many markets due to having no tangible value and no issuing parties.)

Liquidity issues

(Difficult to get into, some times impossible to exit)


Speedy transactions

(We use a MasterNode transaction network, clearing pending transactions in sub-1-second benchmark times)

Complete recovery options

(We can retrieve lost App accounts and there is full asset backing for each coin in any full-reclaim situation)

Fixed prices, low volatility

We are fixing the price spread, quenching volatility and enabling stability and prediction of exact future values)

Easy entry/exit

(We offer a range of inexpensive options; card transactions, digital/bank transfers, fixed prices and instant trades)

Real asset value

(Our digital currencies are linked directly 1:1 with bonds or holding accounts, giving them real comparable value)

Full issuer support/responsibility

(We underwrite and support our own digital currencies, making them trustworthy and long-term dependable)

Few legal issues

(If any legal issued come up, we are able to refund all coins so all owners/customers are protected from harm)

Complete liquidity

(Having the cash behind every coin, we can repurchase every single coin in issue at all times)